Introducing Recommendations

A new way for Paragraph creators to recommend each other & help readers discover new content

Word-of-mouth is a powerful way to drive growth for creators.

Historically, word-of-mouth has manifested through endorsements & recommendations. These have typically been manual and lacking incentives.

Starting today, Paragraph creators are able to recommend other newsletters on Paragraph, while getting rewarded for driving quality subscriptions. Whenever a reader subscribes to a newsletter, we'll prompt the reader to optionally explore & subscribe to that newsletter's recommendations.

This encourages readers to discover a wider range of content & also incentivizes a dynamic ecosystem of creators supporting and promoting each other's work. Creators will also get rewarded - immediately & automatically - as part of our referral rewards program, for all quality subscriptions they drive.

Recommendations also work entirely in-frame: readers can now subscribe to a creator (and the other newsletter's that creator recommends) without ever leaving their feed or inbox.

How It Works

As a creator, in your Paragraph dashboard head over to the new Growth tab to begin adding recommendations.

You'll be prompted to enter in Paragraph newsletters you want to recommend, and an optional reason as to why you're recommending them.

As a reader, after subscribing to a newsletter you'll be presented with that newsletter's recommendations. You'll be able to click through to read, or one-click subscribe directly.

Referral Rewards

If a writer recommends another newsletter, their wallet address is set as the referrer for all subscriptions they drive to that newsletter.

Whenever a referred reader take a positive-sum action on that newsletter in the future (such as collecting a post or purchasing a crypto recurring subscription), the original referrer will get paid immediately & automatically in crypto.

Framed Recommendations

Since launching our Paragraph frame, we've driven thousands of organic subscriptions to creators across Farcaster and XMTP.

Paragraph recommendations also work in frames: after subscribing to a newsletter in-frame, readers will be prompted to one-click subscribe to that newsletter's recommendations, without ever leaving their feed or inbox.

We're excited to continue exploring ways to incentivize, reward, & help creators grow meaningfully.

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