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Casting Spells, Far and Wide

With it being a relatively slow week in the Builderverse and the recent launch of permissionless signups, I thought I'd take the chance to highlight some awesome Farcaster tools since we're always encouraging everyone to check it out! Below you'll find a variety of projects, all utilizing the Farcaster protocol.

Some of these projects have built incredibly interesting apps like onchain live audio, location sharing, and even discussions directly on any webpage. The Farcaster ecosystem is really beginning to flourish, and we should see Builders creating even more exciting tools as time goes on which is really exciting.


Formerly known as Alphacaster, Aburra is a Farcaster client that has also introduced a Web3 live audio platform similar to Twitter Spaces. Built by Builder member Billzh, it has been a great experience so far. Keep an eye out for his next Farcaster Builder chat on Aburra! In the meantime, there is a BLVKHVND Q4 Pro Team Update scheduled for today at 1:30pm EDT!

A simple tool to schedule casts to be posted at a specific date and time. Built by Alex Grover.


Complete FarQuests, earn FarPoints, and collect FarLoot. FarQuest takes the Farcaster experience to whole other level. Built by @n and @jc.


A more Discord-like experience for Farcaster. Built by @pedropregueiro.


Connect your identities across Farcaster, Twitter, Ethereum, and more. Built by @slokh.


A Farcaster client built by hellno.


A Twitter-like client for Farcaster. Another familiar interface for those who don't like change😉 Built by @stephancill.


An easy tool to help you write and publish long casts into threads. Built by @destiner.


Launchcaster is a community for sharing, discovering, and owning web3 products. Your launch is a chance to share your new product, feature, or announcement with Launchcaster and the broader web3 community. Built by @jayme.

Kiwi News

Highly curated news & content for web3 builders. New link every 4 hours. All links are handpicked by the Kiwi community. Built by @macbudkowski.


Whenever someone casts a link to a book URL (currently supporting Amazon and Goodreads), Pincaster automatically creates a book collection and adds the cast to the list. If the book collection already exists, the cast is seamlessly included (Collections and casts are updated every 24 hours). It currently also has a Podcast collection, with more Collections to come. Built by @matallo.eth.


See who unfollowed who. Built by @fun.

Display images and videos from Farcaster channels. Built by @brianjckim.

Frens Maps

Location sharing for onchain friends. This is still an early product, but seems like a really cool sneak peek of what's in store for the future of Farcaster apps. DM jpren.eth for early access.

Surveycaster and Ponder

Surveycaster hosts live surveys on Farcaster that anybody can participate in. Ponder is a layer for rewards built on top of Surveycaster. Built by @cojo.eth.

Farcaster Channel NFTs on Hypeshot

Mint an NFT that automatically creates a Farcaster channel associated with the NFT at the protocol level. Another really interesting use case showing what Farcaster is capable of when developers get creative. Read the article below for the full details. Built by @ravi.

Dune Dashboard

Statistics about Farcaster users and network activity. Built by pixelhack.

Dune Dashboard

More statistics about Farcaster users and network activity. Built by @shoni.eth.

Farcaster User Stats

Even more statistics about Farcaster users and network activity. Built by @fun.

Farcaster Insights

You guessed it, more statistics about Farcaster users and network activity. Built by ghostlinkz.

Outcasters Newsletter

A newsletter to keep up with all things Farcaster, also by ghostlinkz.


Buidler is a social web annotation that enables you to comment and engage in discussions on any webpage. When users create posts on Farcaster client apps that include web links, Buidler serves as a bridge, displaying all discussions related to that URL. Built by @applefather.eth.

Builder Channel on Farcaster

The Builder Channel on Farcaster displays a feed of activity from members of Builder including casts and onchain activity such as auctions, proposals, and votes. You can also now see the DAO feed directly on the website by clicking 'Feed' as shown in the screenshot below!

It's a really great way to keep up to date with your fellow Builders! Very recently Farcaster has even gone permissionless! Anyone can now signup for the protocol without an invite. Head to your Farcaster client of choice (Warpcast, Aburra, Flink, Herocast, etc) and sign up today. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out for assistance!

Builder DAO BuilderBox on TNS

Every week on Fridays at 12:30 pm EDT Prof Werder and Toady Hawk host BuilderBox live at The Noun Square! Follow the BuilderBox Twitter account to keep up with the latest news. If you aren't able to make it, you can always go back and listen to the recording. This past week's recording can be found here.

Builder DAO Meetings

The weekly Builder Office Hours call hosted by Prof Werder is every Wednesday at 4:00pm EDT. Prof will be available to answer all of your Builder DAO and Nouns Builder questions! Register your interest in the next Office Hours call on October 18th at 4:00pm EDT in Discord here.

In addition to the weekly office hours, the Builder monthly call takes place on Thursdays at 5:00pm EDT, the next call is scheduled for October 19th. You can register your interest in Discord here. This past Builder monthly meeting occurred on October 5th, unfortunately, no recording is available for this meeting.

Note: The date on this agenda is incorrect and should read October 5

Public Work Session

Zaak, Neokry, and Jord hold public work sessions every Thursday at 9:00 pm EDT (1:00 am UTC). If you have any questions about the work they are doing, ways you can contribute, or even the Infinite Dev Round please feel free to pop in and join them during this session! You can find the latest work session notes and recordings here on GitHub. Details on the next Public Work Session will be made available in Discord.

Newsletter Artwork

The art featured in this week's newsletter was created by myself using the NounsAI playground. If anyone wants to send me artwork they've drawn or generated with AI, please DM me on X or Discord, and I will include your art and a shoutout in a future newsletter!

Builder DAO Fun Fact

Purple is a DAO built on the Nouns Builder Protocol to support the development of the Farcaster Protocol. Purple was the first active DAO to launch on Nouns Builder, even before Builder DAO!

Protocol Stats

Nouns Builder Deployed: 108 DAOs Deployed*

DAOs Launched on Builder Protocol: 143 DAOs Created (+3)

DAOs income from Auctions: 479 ETH*

Nouns Builder Proposals: 575 Total Proposals (+8)


For regular updates, follow the Nouns Builder DAO Bot on Twitter or Farcaster.

*Due to changes on Dune Analytics, these stats are not being actively updated. This note will be removed when the latest stats are available.





Built on Builder

This week's featured DAO built on the Builder protocol is mferbuilderDAO! mferbuilderDAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that supports mfers working on free stuff for other mfers, while promoting freedom & inclusiveness within the #mfers scene. The DAO provides infrastructure to enable mfer coordination towards positive mferish action.




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