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The Calm Before the Storm

Despite it being a fairly slow week with only a couple of brief updates to share, Builder DAO and the Nouns Builder Protocol have a lot in the works. The Nouns Builder protocol is a critical piece of DAO infrastructure that is only just beginning to be explored. The Builder Protocol's expansion to Layer 2s brings accessibility to this DAO infrastructure to a whole new audience, and the coming protocol upgrades will provide extensive functionality enhancements that will give users even more ways to experiment.

With so much going on, it's critical that we educate members on how to properly utilize these tools. With this in mind, Prof Werder is hosting a series of Builder Workshops to teach everyone how to build a DAO on ETH or any of the new Layer 2s! The next session takes place on August 23rd at 5:00pm EST in the Builder Discord. Prof Werder has also released an NFT to commemorate the launch of the Builder Protocol on the Base Layer2 network, head over to Zora to mint it here.

Builder DAO Onboarding Update

The weekly onboarding call hosted by Prof Werder is now being moved to Wednesdays at 4:00pm EST. It will also be expanded to an hour so everyone has plenty of time to join and ask all of your Builder DAO and Nouns Builder Questions! Register your interest in the event in Discord here.

In addition to the onboarding call, the Builder Guild monthly call takes place on Thursdays at 5:00pm EST. This past Builder Guild monthly meeting occurred on August 10th, the recording can be found in Discord here. The next Builder Guild meeting is scheduled for August 24th.

Builder Infinite Prop House Dev Round

We're still seeking more proposals for this round! Any and all contributions are welcome, if you need ideas please ask in Discord and I'm sure you can receive some suggestions from our members and resident engineers. If you want to hop on a call with them, check out the weekly public work sessions mentioned below.

For those who haven't heard yet, the round has been funded with 0.50 ETH and 1 Builder token to be rewarded to the first three proposals to meet the round requirements and reach the vote threshold of 54. If you are a developer looking for a way to get involved with Builder DAO this is a fantastic opportunity to show your skills! Check out the round on Prop House here for more info.

Public Work Sessions

Thursdays at 10:00 pm EST is a public work session with Zaak and Neokry. If you have any questions about the work they are doing, ways you can contribute, or even the Infinite Dev Round please feel free to pop in and join them during this session! The latest work session notes and recordings have not been published yet, but when they are available you can find them here on GitHub.

Builder DAO BuilderBox on TNS

Every week on Fridays at 12:30 pm EST Prof Werder and Toady host BuilderBox live at The Noun Square! Follow the BuilderBox Twitter account to keep up with the latest news. If you aren't able to make it, you can always go back and listen to the recording. Last week's recording can be found here.

Builder Channel on Farcaster

The Builder Channel on Farcaster displays a feed of activity from members of Builder including casts and onchain activity such as auctions, proposals, and votes. You can also now see the DAO feed directly on the website by clicking 'Feed' as shown in the screenshot below!

It's a really great way to keep up to date with your fellow Builders! If you haven't created an account on Farcaster yet, please reach out to me or Prof Werder and we'll get you an invite!

Newsletter Artwork

I'll be mixing up the artwork used in this newsletter every week and would love to feature submissions from members of the DAO. The art featured in this week's newsletter was created by myself using the NounsAI playground. If anyone wants to send me artwork they've drawn or generated with AI, please DM me on X (are we calling it that yet?) or Discord, and I will include your art and a shoutout in a future newsletter!

Builder DAO Fun Fact

Nouns Builder was retroactively funded by Nouns DAO Proposal 167:

Protocol Stats

Nouns Builder Deployed: 108 DAOs Deployed*

DAOs Launched on Builder Protocol: 135 DAOs Created (+2)

DAOs income from Auctions: 479 ETH*

Nouns Builder Proposals: 478 Total Proposals (+31)


For regular updates, follow the Nouns Builder DAO Bot on Twitter or Farcaster.

*Due to changes on Dune, these stats are not being actively updated. This note will be removed when the latest stats are available.



Built on Builder

This week's featured DAO built on the Builder protocol is Portion Club! Portion Club was founded by artists with the goal of bringing ideas to reality via music, IRL events, and visual and tangible creations. They release "Capsules" which are seasonally themed limited-run physical releases that are accompanied by a concurrent music release. They also run $Scoops, a web3 Ice Cream protocol that enables DAO members to spark conversations around the web3 ecosystem at IRL events. They recently passed Proposal 68 for Builder DAO to sponsor their upcoming second official Petty Festival.