Casting in the Winter

A FarCon / Saymore Essay

This is my submission to the FarCon / Saymore essay content.
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In the hushed elegance of winter, the landscape unfurls itself like a celestial symphony suspended in time, adorned in a shroud of lustrous snow. Tendrils of icicles, crystalline and delicate, hold fast to the eaves, catching the sun's dwindling light as fragile chandeliers of the frost. As the celestial orb descends, giving way to twilight's warm embrace, the heavens don hues of a rich purple, and the world seemingly pauses in reverence of this icy tableau. Winter, in its austere beauty, resonates deeply.

So too does the crypto winter unfold, in three distinct phases - the dawn, the zenith, and the twilight. The dawn sees the ephemeral commitment of many vanishing, lured away by the siren song of the next summer. The tourists, the merchants, the charlatans of the carnival, all seek warmer climates and greener pastures. The zenith is where those who are steadfast in their conviction labor diligently. It is a time of building - of bridges, of foundations, of unprecedented inventions - of forging alliances and cultivating societies. The resources are sparse, the world appears to have forsaken them, and many amongst the true believers falter. Rather than engage in debate about growth, this is the period to reinvest in oneself, to construct the tools vital for the imminent Spring. Above all, it is a time to rally, to bolster one another, to ensure the survival of our society. As twilight descends, the ice yields, and the snow capitulates, heralding the return of those who once departed, now bearing witness to all that has been accomplished.

We are ensconced in the depths of Ethereum winter.

Ethereum is at the heart of Farcaster. It is the primitive upon which Farcaster is erected, a linchpin without which it merges indistinguishably with the sea of social networks; Twitter, Mastodon, Nostr, Bluesky, and those yet to come. Each of these networks, in its turn, was heralded as the newest sensation, but without novel primitives, their ultimate victory seems elusive. The allure of mere novelty cannot overshadow the necessity for substantive change.

Our chosen primitive is Ethereum. It permits us to organize and coordinate in new forms, to distribute newly minted NFTs, and to get wallet-based notifications, such as when someone joins a DAO or arranges a social event by way of a vote. It transforms the once mundane onchain events into dynamic and social occurrences. This is Farcaster's homage to Ethereum. The possibilities afforded by Ethereum's composability are far from fully realized, and the tools it offers are accessible to all developers, enabling them to create a myriad of new clients and groundbreaking ideas we can barely conceive.

And what might the pioneer stand to gain from this endeavor? Repute and recognition. Much as when you entered the realm of Ethereum, you beheld those already established within, held them in reverence. The artists, the entrepreneurs, who appeared as though they had always inhabited this space, when in truth, they were the forerunners of the last cycle. You will follow in their footsteps. You will garner the myriad benefits of Social Capitalism, earned through your dedication as a social founder during these times, and through the tireless efforts you have expended as a builder, as a broadcaster, as a writer, as an orchestrator, as a thinker, or in any role you have chosen to further our protocol society. You will be perceived as an instantaneous triumph, a success seemingly conjured from thin air, yet in truth, the laurels that now rest upon your brow are the fruit of years of unyielding toil.

This is not the season to fear about growth. We are in a cycle where growth is not the ultimate gauge of protocol success. The time for fleeting visitors, for pushy salesmen and carnival barkers, has passed. It is a time to build durable relationships and solid foundations. When the throng returns, and new faces discover Ethereum, they will encounter a robust infrastructure, ethical social norms, and a unique platform that renders onchain events into a social experience. They will find a society that is impossible to disregard. As we soldier on through the Ethereum winter, we build, not for mere survival, but for a resurgence that will define us and the epoch that follows.

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