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Studio 2 on Hypersub

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I have been using Hypersub to offer a Studio 2 Membership and I'm really enjoying it. Hypersub provides subscription NFTs on Base that have found some early interests amongst artists, like 0xen and ChrisCo Creative. When you subscribe to Studio 2 you get full onchain access to my art studio. Everything I mint, I will send you one. You will also receive an official Studio 2 NFT each month that represents the studio for that month. Finally, I will share early drafts of any of my longer form essays such as Network Common Goods.

I have released and airdropped 15 NFTs since I've started. 2 Studio 2 NFTs and an 11 piece series on the topic of inspiration. You can check it all out here.

Studio 2: #2

What is Studio 2?

Studio 1 was my art studio in Long Island City, New York. I grabbed it early in the Pandemic and I had an external space to go paint from. I painted a lot when I had that studio. Then I moved to Miami and didn't have a real studio space. My art output dropped. The bright side was I started doing a lot more digital and AI art without having a space to paint. When I moved to Honduras, I have a great studio on premise. I'm painting again and just generally creating a lot of art.

Studio 2 is my new studio. Its my output. It's my art practice.

This is the acrylic painting I made, to create Studio 2: #2

My Hypersub Experience

Whether its a painting or a piece of AI art, I love having collectors. I love the feeling of selling or gifting your art to people who appreciate it. My Hypersub is still small but I love the fact that when I mint something I immediately send it off to 25+ people who I know will appreciate it and then get additional mints outside of Studio 2. Dropping the 11 piece collection everyone made me want to do more. People are still collecting outside of the subscription but at prices and free mint fees that add up to more than the monthly subscription. Studio 2 subscriptions are 0.002 ETH /mo. Hope to see you at Studio 2.

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