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metaschool road2web3 cohort 2 done!!! Evolvify Metaverse version 1 is done too.

voting starts on 8th of Feb (most probably) according to @metaschool to see who gets the final grants.

So, I finally submitted the project!
But... voting starts on 8th of Feb (most probably) according to @metaschool to see who gets the final grants.

so, Evolvify Metaverse is now done! hoorayyyyyyyy~!

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My previous journey on getting the workshops from metaschool done.

biggest explorations that stayed with me from coding camps:
- 'happy accidents happen.' - Sethu

using solidity:
- have to ensure the environment with the same node.js & npm compatible with hardhat.
- if things don't work out, delete & empty recycling bin & start over again. (more efficient that debugging for me personally)

For the previous lessons that asked me questions about my perspectives on Web 3.0, I also wrote a blog about all the memories of me starting to explore NFTs out of the fun back then. Click here if you haven't read the journey when I first started out. Do comment if you have something to share about your story that resonates with me and the world as well. It's just giving us so much power when we see what technology could bring to the world. When we use the mastery of skills and the power of love to bring harmony between the beings, nature and technology. I might have said it a million times and I'll say it again and again with diffrent tones in different ways.

Back to the topic, this had been a major success compared to my previous hackathons using blockchain for metaverse hosted by LearnWeb3DAO and EthGlobal separately. While I already had those metaverse spaces out before, this is the first time with a fully functional blockchain metaverse. Or, they call it blockchain game because metaverse haven't been having such a long history in comparison. Third times a charm, maybe?

a demonstration of using evolvify (version 1)

most important lessons & thoughts on the thirdweb sdk integration with Unity:

- be flexible. There might always be a change in names, e.g. 'paper' joined thirdweb and becomes 'embedded wallet'. The way we see the sdk with different things that are more detailed shown compared to technical documents / tutorials.

- give up on the files that aren't working anymore early. While debugging might be a big thing for the other previous development projects, i.e. Arduino, MATLAB etc. For Unity, if you have different .sdk files to integrate. It's best to not start with anything at all to just integrate the .sdk files to see if they all work well when you click on the 'play' or live demo buttons. If they don't, check out why or just immediately make decisions on alternatives to one of the integrations that might be less important than the other. This might seem weird but this actually saved me the most times since back then till now.

- beginners might be suggested to start from the sample scene, and their prefabs of connecting the wallets etc. However, it's not for a direct plug-and-play. It's for us to see what possibilities they could do to get started without being stuck at things that are the most basics. When there are tools to help us, always be brave enough to choose the solutions that are the most suitable for us, with lots of love. Then, make modifications, explorations and the other creations joyfully.

this is my review at last:

Wow, this journey is really insane, huh? Thanks a bunch, Sethu and Sneha for the sharing along the way! It's insane that Sethu's with us even on birthday! Glad that my blockchain metaverse space is actually working for demonstration and the features!

While the deck is on Gamma (also not affiliated for now), I typed most of the things myself because AI on it is just way too general for now. Also, I like the design templates better. I always enjoy flexible creations.

for the brand elements, I create them differently this time.

I gave them names and descriptions that could truly convey the feelings.
by the way, Brandfetch ain't affiliated (for now) but the usage is just cool!

Brand kit of Evolvify Metaverse project.

Brand kit of team.


some technical documents (0) (1) (2) (3) I referred to.

while I didn't use this because as the people who've been here for long knew, I ain't creating the violent stuff, plus I love genuine creations out of scratch. However, it's definitely a great start for future exploration or anyone trying to understand the mechanism.

moments that I thought I almost lost my files, but didn't

so... when publishing via WebGL, it's strange that things just disappear on Unity as 'Untitled' scene. It's scary because before this, when I published to Spatial using Spatial Creator Toolkit, I've seen blank sandbox pages but not whole files disappearing. But, turns out it's normal...

So, sometimes, we just have to be patient.

then, half way of writing this passage... OMG... luckily we're writing on blockchain so that we don't have to worry about things that happened like towards Revue. I've used that for quite a while and my blogs there were really gone, hhmmmm... I was glad that those ain't the most important blogs yet at this time. For this time, let us store these in ways that the sunsetting of projects wouldn't affect the contents we create.

feel free to share it if you resonate with the progress of this creator~ <3

this time, I'm super excited so this mail is actually available for minting, usually for 2 MATIC (Polygon) on my articles here, but FREE for this passage! + gas fees at the time of minting. An easy collect for the article NFT collectors here, with lots of love, hope and peace.

'believe in the power of love' - my personal mantra

with love,


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