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Free Fall poem 02 [how does a fairy free fall into the galaxies holding her before touching all that's below?]

humans have electromagnetic field, right? I made the hypothesis where humans could be magnets attracting each other... I also assumed that quantum entanglement could happen on humans, maybe?

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the Free Fall Poem series

૮ℓเσɳα Chee Pui Khei 徐𣳽琪

we would be healed after being the tortured poets

what's this about? biomed engineer's journey? mental health tech?

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the Free Fall poem series ❤
//note: the creation is for us to understand that however big the struggle was/is/might be, we could always heal/bounce back/reclaim the power of wisdom, love and all there ever is to explore in the world. *pls believe in the power of L. O. V. E.

[how does a fairy free fall into the galaxies holding her before touching all that's below?]

ℓเσɳα Chee Pui Khei 徐𣳽琪

f l y ~~~
s w i m!!!
you do it all over again
just to fall and fall and fall...

you fell into the world
where they said you're so serious...

some called you a nerd
you told 'em everyone's flawed
some called you a princess
you said 'I have the Queen's roar!'
some called you overly s:e;n:s;i:t;i:v;e
you drowned 'em with your ;;;tear;;;drops;;;
some broke your heart of glass
you sliced 'em with the sharpest glass fragments
some hold you tight like a baby...
you don't remember anybody...
you try to remember anybody...
no freakin' body held you like a baby with undistorted love...
you went through the therapy sessions, arts and songs to heal and remember...
how you love all the ones who love you with their own unique ways all these times...

who would do so
in the ways that you love the most?

you've been through 24 years thinking that
tho nobody ever feels the same way
tho nobody ever relates the same way
tho nobody ever knows every single detail that haunts you,
you could live just fine in all your lil' fantasies while you live up to the expectations.

who knows...
who knows that someday,
you saw someone who happens to have the exact opposite of your favourite colours
yet so complimentary
you saw someone who didn't seem to show any expression to the public
yet thinking 'bout the similar things most times
you saw someone who's almost insane to dream and debate 'bout the tiny lil' details
yet you are exactly like this yourself
you didn't really understand it all and so you try not to think 'bout it
yet someday,
you just happened to see all these things that reminded you of this person


you thought of the birds you saw
being kept in cages while they chirped w/ the ones who're flying freely
every day in & day out.
nothing hits you as hard as this
when you realised how we were all in different cages at different stages
that's why they were never together
although they had always been physically, emotionally and mentally connected.
they just went pass each other's lives like
/parallel lines/
that might look different
with one so thick and solid while another thin and dotted





you were supposed to talk about free falling
but you wonder who made you feel as if
you just got caught

when you were falling
letting all the sharpest edges of the crowns to pierce through the heart
this person happens to lay down the galaxies
and just roll you into a space
that feels so comfy, feels so safe

you couldn't care more of what the world is gonna be like
and you happened to dive deep down into what brought you here...

the things that others brushed off just as the same way you brushed off them...

then you started thinking 'bout how did you come so far
how did you become this creature in the mirror that you can't even recognise?
where's that lil' fairy before the free fall?

you thought 'bout how this might have been impossible
since two red beans in a big bowl of billions of green beans couldn't meet
according to the oldest tales of philosophy,
but you remember that Symposium introduced twin flames and these tales of fake and true ones...
you try to stop thinking it through as we only talk 'bout scientific proof as engineers
who knows...
you just couldn't stop discovering these insane things...

the ways the connectome forming the neural network and the cosmic web?
the ways the cells duplicate in ways the galaxies multiply or what?
the ways the extremes of both sides always meet because nature loves cycles and loops?

you didn't even include this in this poem at first
and that person probably wouldn't know that we included him here too
but you knew that you had to
'cause these were the reasons and emotions that brought you back into
so, you could really love?
If he's like an equation or a Scientific hypothesis, we could experiment with it,
you mean, with him, somehow?
That's definitely probably not the best way to talk to somebody...

'hey, I think I can experiment with you!
you' ahlove Science & Tech too, right?
would you score me, ace me & experiment with me too?'

'Okay, let's not say that to anybody?
but he's no somebody or just-some-buddy or anybody?
he's my buddy? is he somebody? buddy? 'body? buddy? baby? buddy?'

'we were like babies back then...
and I don't even understand how electromagnetic field within humans happen now...

'humans have electromagnetic field, right?
I made the hypothesis where humans could be magnets attracting each other...
I also assume that quantum entanglement could happen on humans, maybe?'

those healing energies...

you love how the original fairy tale of Snow White
was her being tricked by the stepmother thrice
and saved by the dwarfs for twice...
for the third time...
she outgrew the dwarfs
so the dwarfs could no longer save her
with her poisonous lips and the piece of dark apple stuck at the throat
this King-to-be with enough wisdom, strength and love
got her on the horse to shake the toxic piece out of the throat
there she got it all out
all the lil' animals, lil' dwarfs and the ones who loved her also tried
but only this King-to-be could do so
'cause he knew how it felt like to get choked in such ways
and he was also having the same eyes that could observe the details
and he was also having the same heart to explore the unexplored
and he was also having the same brain to think through the suitable solutions

That's supposed to be the true Snow White's story.
Throat chakra of the yogi being healed.
Touched emotions and teardrops of the emotional and sensitive soul.

no matter
how time shifts,
or how things would turn out to be
you hope for the best for
the King-to-be.





happen to rethink...

all this time
what's happening?

not remembering to rant
but expressing in ways to clear the mind
as the same ways you clear your book shelves
to fill up the new books that resonate with the heart for now
just to <h3al
just to l e t g . o 0 O 0 o .
just to EVOLVE

then the Nobel Mind introduced quantum entanglement
and you wonder if they aren't just for photons but also for

when there is a human
as the entangled particle
who gives you flashbacks of your exact moments

when you weren't NOWHERE!!!
when you were at least somewhere?
when you were always making paths here & there...







you told yourself
to look through the albums for the last few times...
were you that lil' baby?
the ones surrounded who tried all they could to nurture you...
yet each and every generation
each and every circle
each and every personality type

just seemed to have different issues, solutions and stories...
so, that's you?

O ⇌ O = Ꝏ

♫ ♪ ♬ Now playing: Timeless - Taylor Swift
'you still woud've been mine,
we would've been timeless... 'cause I believe that we're supposed to find this... '

'humans have electromagnetic field, right?
I made the hypothesis where humans could be magnets attracting each other...
I also assume that quantum entanglement could happen on humans, maybe?'

with love,
૮ℓเσɳα Chee Pui Khei 徐𣳽琪,
creating mental health tech at,
g️️athering resources at public squad


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