what is alfrafrens

Tic toc says the clock. Gonna have to hit publish in 45 minutes or I die the death of thousands death.

I wasn't on friend.tech. Part of it didn't appeal to me. It sounded extractive, and bro-like. It's dead by now. All SocialFi apps that made headlines last year are dead 👇

If SocialFi is bro-like and dead, why talk about AlfaFrens? Idk. FOMO? I have been a content creator not making money for far too long. Gonna have to try out new things 🤷‍♀

AlfaFrens isn't just a random app by a random company. It has been created by Superfluid, a money streaming protocol. This gives it a flair of legitimacy. In essence, AlfaFrens is a creator subscription platform. This is in line with Superfluid's value proposition.

But, the chat function is sub-par. The design confusing. Figuring out where I can swipe what is like, well, I'm lacking suitable metaphors. Those numbers going up dopamine-inducing. The mechanism for getting rich obfuscated. And I'm flabbergasted at Superfluid's suggested Le Blue Elephant Strategy sucking it's own dick. Not very gender friendly. What's the female version of this?

Deep breath in. Deep breath out. Switching to serious-half-german-kbc-mode

What's interesting about AlfaFrens is its close integration with Farcaster and $degen. It's ridding the wave at a moment when tipping went down, everyone's allowance has (thankfully) tanked, and negative sentiments keep boiling up about engagement and $degen farmers. If it all goes to $0 and the dust settles we can pick up the pieces and continue doing the only thing that matters: Talking with people for the joy of talking with people.

And this is where there was a lost opportunity for the Superfluid team at Farcon. On the first day of FarCon, 2231 new accounts where created. Crazy, I know. Biggest increase ever and more than attended in person. Clear sign of how boundaryless Farcaster is. Your place doesn't matter, just be in the space.

But the explosion of accounts didn't result in an explosion of transactions. Assuming that the chart is correct, transactions "only" doubled. A lot of new users did nothing. No subscription, no staking. Did they even deposit $degen?

Superfluid's own dashboard show that not everyone has read Vincent's Blue Elephant blog post. Of the 5228 users only 68% created a channel and that on average people have 24 subscription. Like, wtf? why spread so thin. Are there even that many interesting channels on AlfaFrens.

I'll stop here. I might just need more time to figure out this hell house of a playground. I'll stay on, chatting with myself until I get some subscribers and experimenting with new formats. Because: From nothing comes nothing.

As you made it this far, why don't you subscribe to my channel and stake your $alfa 😅 Dm me for an invite code.

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