020 What I read this week

This post is a list of what I read ✍ and listen to πŸ“£ during this week. If something sparks your joy, collect it. Tomorrow they'll be chapter 2 of Muted Words where Maud, a nearly teen girl, will make her first appearance (Here is chapter 1 in case you missed it)

✍ The Airdrop wars: Bounty Hunters on Layer Zero by Mark Fielding gives you the low down of what's happening with the EigenLayer Airdrop, why crypto twitter was (eh, still is) in shambles. All this to say

Airdrops are broken.

On other airdrop news, Blast delayed their drop by a month, Degen banned 27k farmers from the last airdrop, and people on Farcaster are building and experimenting with better reputation and reward scores. Like build.top https://www.build.top/ where you can show your appreciation by nominating up to 3 builders per day

✍ In Cooperation Games for Coordination Protocols iSpeakNerd describes six of his favorite cooperation games. He makes the link that cooperation is coordination and that

Cooperatives especially put emphasis on ritualizing communication because the whole point of the game is to coordinate in order to defeat the game/forces of chaos/heat death of the universe/etc.

✍ Entitlement by Naomiii discuss tendency of (some) humans to act like they have earned the right to be given stuff and time. Just by the mere presence in a server or channel they should be given stuff.

It makes me mad and sad because I do not know how to get through to people who feel that way, who see others as mere service providers there to meet their needs. People who do have no respect for anything, isn't that a tough life?

✍ The user is on their own discusses how most design is not intuitive. Building something and calling it intuitive results in a lot of confused users and the feeling of not being smart enough to figure things out.

✍ In Why introverts make good leader Marta Brzosko gives arguments why good leaders aren't necessarily those who are loud, and ready with ideas and answers for everything.

✍ In Alfafrens: The Garden and the Farm Basil explains how Alfafrens works. It's more detailed than the daily gm. If you need an invite code for the app, take one of these gfJ4bo, Ocv3qP, 75Y22N and subscribe to my channel.

✍ (Not read this week but a good read): Progress is not automatic by Jakob Greenfeld has been living in my brain for a good month. I'm catching myself quite often thinking what should I change

πŸ“£ What is Ethereum for? does a deep dive into the culture of Ethereum. Only half-way through but great episode by the On the Other Side

David Hansson rant on entitled open source software users makes the point that a user of a software, who isn't willing to contribute, shouldn't have the same voting rights on the direction of the software than those who contribute to it. Enjoyed Daniel and res ipsa's thoughts on the topic

πŸ“£ Onchain data and smart contract design is a not technical episode about on-chain by Rehash. It discusses the opportunities and philosophies of having all data open easily available to everyone.

✍ Is it onchain media? by Mac Budkowski wonders how will onchain media look like. We're still in the web2 equivalent of putting a pdf online.

πŸ“£ And for a good listen LTJ Bukem shared by Jacqvaca

as so many other things this week, this post has been written while lying on the couch. My back isn't happy with me, but oh girl does it feel comfortable to the mind to be in a lazy position. With this, let's go and slay! You got this, queen!

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