026 - Kids, Social Media and Tech

teaching children how to fool their mom with AI, and other hijinks

A quick summary of what we talked about on our Monday space about kids, AI and tools.

with contribution from Arjan

Next session: https://aburra.xyz/space/228 (everyone is welcome to speak)

Some hard-to-swallow facts for parents

You can't control everything.

You need to always keep talking about it (no matter the eye rolls).

Taking away the phone or blocking an app will not solve a problem. Kids find a way around it. For example: My kids have watched TikTok videos or accessed streaming services using a browser. If that fails, friends will help in two ways: Watching stuff together or letting them use their phone.

Two things we are afraid of

Raising zombie kids who are helpless without technology (My fictional story Muted Words deals with that in some ways)

Conversations with friends and internet strangers. Anything between cyber bullies to adults playing kids to trick them.

But it isn't all bad

But, while we focus on negativity with tools, tools are just tools and it's up to us parents to teach kids how to discover the positive. For sure, I could do more in that domain than just pointing it out. Some of the creative and collaborative ways I've seen my kids use tools

  • Capcut to make videos and photo collages of friends and send it to them. You have to add the right background music, too.

  • Homework Whatsapp group with system detailing who does what when.

  • Use AI to do mindlessly stupid busy-work type of homework (I'm looking at you PE teacher who gives oral exam 👀)

Let's not forget

No chat about teens is complete without talking about peer pressure. When applied to adults, we call it FOMO, to soften the edges. Same shit. The ways out of it are the same:

  • Recognize when you are pressured into it

  • Know your boundaries

  • Don't cross your boundaries

  • Develop escape mechanism or routines to get out of situation

Got wisdom to share on this topic? Or burning question that keep you up at night? Or just feel like chatting about kids and tech? Join me for the next one https://aburra.xyz/space/228

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