Farcaster social stats

week 49 2023

Ever wondering what your social footprint is on Farcaster? This simple google sheet should give you some answers.

How does it work?

Add your farcaster name (fname) in the yellow cells and the results will populate. In case there's an issue with the fname, try your fid. The result is divided into two sections: Your stats, and your tribe members. The data is interaction data during the past 7 days. If your casts didn't land, they weren't included in here.

My stats

Your stats are an improved version of your traditional social metric influencer score.

  • Trendsetter is an influence metric. If added the lowest and highest value below it to help you gauge where you are on the influence scale. As you can see, I'm pretty low.

  • Buzz is an attempt at measuring "how loud" it is around you. The more of your connections are talking with each other, the higher the buzz. A high buzz is like living in a neighborhood with a lot of (human) traffic, tons of stores and coffee shops and where always something is going on. Again, I've added min and max as a way to rank your score. I might not be influential, but I'm not in a dead silent part of Farcaster town.

  • Tribe is measuring the cluster you are part of. The max tells you how many clusters exists.

  • New Far Friends is an attempt at suggesting other people to follow and engage with. It's right now a list of people who are 2 steps removed based on your interaction from last week. It doesn't take prior conversation or following into account. Don't be surprised if you see familiar names. Maybe time to reach out to them again?

Your Tribe Members let's you scroll through a list of tribe members. Or you can just search for a person using their fname and see if they are in your tribe. The search isn't yet optimized. Don't forget to add .eth if it's part of their name.

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