Try 3 at making useful network stats

I'm back! Frustrated at the bugs and lack of progress I turned my back unto creating network graphs of Farcaster. I'll say the end of year overwork also played a role. I really needed a break, only the Irish midlands can give you.

FarGraph week 3

I'm only interested in interactions between people as this is an observable sign of engagement. It's a stronger signal for how lively the network is. Right now, quality of interactions (aka casts) aren't included, only if two Farcaster's talked with each other.

If you want more texture on what it's going on, check out Outcaster excellent newsletter and tune into gmFarcaster.

In w3 2024 we had 26726 interactions (replies, mentions) between 4863 Farcasters. Our density of interactions is 0.0011. This number will be more insightful when tracked over time.

3 Influence Metrics

Popularity: Nothing that new here. It's similar to follower count or your traditional social media influence score. It's the number of times a cast is directed at someone. This could be in a mention or in a reply.

Activity: This measures who is creating buzz in the network by posting casts that are directed at others. It's the flip-side of popularity, namely mentioning others and replying to others.

The easiest way to remember activity and popularity is to think about sending old-school email. People who are active are sending letters, and people who are popular are receiving letters.

Reach: Reach is a way to measure how far your influence stretches in Farcaster. Someone with a high reach is ideal for spreading rumors, virus, or, adding a positive spin, a feature announcement.

w3 FarGraph Stats

uh, a bot ๐Ÿคจ

It will surprise no-one that dan (Tribe 16) tops the list for getting most attention, and that the degen bot (Tribe 4) is creating most of the activity (will delete it for next week). It's nice to see some variety of names in the Reach column. Hi mcbain and nonlinear (both part of Tribe 23, just like Ted).

The tribe number refers to an algorithmically defined cluster a caster is part of. More about tribes next week.

The FarGraph was useless as a diagnostic tool with everyone in it. All casters with only one interaction got deleted. It's better, but needs more fine tuning ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€ Gonna put them up on Zora another time. If you collect the post, I'll put you on the allow list ๐Ÿ˜‰

FarGraph week 3

Want more of this? You can always try out the Farcaster Interaction Analyzer. It's very, very (!) early stage.

Made me think this week

WTF is Eigen Layer?

It sounds like stakers want to have their cake (get yield from staking) and eat it (use the staked eth). Graduating just in time before the hiring freeze started, this sounds fishy to me.

Confused? Read this. Might or might not help.

Made me laugh this week

Gonna keep this section in as a reminder that I should pay attention to the stuff that made me smile. I'm sure it's related to what one of my kids said or did. They always crack me up.

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