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FarGraph week 4

Hopefully soon a new metric: Suggested followers

Oh shit! Thanks to Friday Frames and Saturday $Degen airdrop 2, getting data from Neynar is taking ages 😩

Call for channel leads: Want this stats for your channel? Send me a message!

FarGraph week 4 stats

The stats are based on conversation data on Farcaster (replies and mentions). If you want more texture on what it's going on, check out Outcaster excellent newsletter and tune into gmFarcaster on Mon/Wed/Fri 8:30 am ET.

In w4 2024 we had 47,909 interactions (replies, mentions; week 3: 26,726) between 7,669 Farcasters (week 3: 4863). Our density of interactions is 0.0008 (week 3: 0.0011). These stats are after I have removed the degenbot.

3 Influence Metrics

Popularity: Nothing that new here. It's similar to follower count or your traditional social media influence score. It's the number of times a cast is directed at someone. This could be in a mention or in a reply.

Activity: This measures who is creating buzz in the network by posting casts that are directed at others. It's the flip-side of popularity, namely mentioning others and replying to others.

The easiest way to remember activity and popularity is to think about sending old-school email. People who are active are sending letters, and people who are popular are receiving letters.

Reach: Reach is a way to measure how far your influence stretches in Farcaster. Someone with a high reach is ideal for spreading rumors, virus, or, adding a positive spin, a feature announcement.

w4 FarGraph Stats

interesting 🤔 woj made it into the top 5

What should you take away from the table?

  • If you try to reach one of the top 5 popular ones and don't get a reply, don't worry. It might just have been buried in the pile of notifications. Rethink what you want from them and see who else can help you.

  • Great to see successful founders also being very active.

  • The top 5 can change from week to week (see week 3). Don't despair and keep casting

  • Wanna make it on the list? Don't try to be the most active one. Figure out two or three big conversation topics and mingle with Farcasters. It's ok to be a reply-guy once in a while.

(Re)- connect with...

I wanted to - at least - include a google sheet where you could find suggestions about whom to (re)- connect with. I had grand plans for it. Frames and all. But, the algorithm needs to be refactored. It's far too slow, and I have been up far too long. And tomorrow is another early day.

Disappointed? Mint this week's FarGraph and I'll send you a list of 5 Farcaster's to reconnect with.

Made me think this week

  • BrainHacks on TedTalk. Yes, we're talking tech reading your mind. Getting worried about some jerk stealing your picture to create AI porn 🤬 ? That's child's play compared to what could happen with brain reading technology. It begins simple and caring, wrapped as "helping you not fall asleep at the steering wheel". Who doesn't want to not die or inadvertently kill others? And then you'll have your kids sit in classrooms with devices strapped on their head making sure they are attentive to every word of your teacher.

Made me smile this week

I caught myself today trying to turn on the light in my little office, a converted balcony. It's has been broken for 2 years. Really should go and fix it.

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