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Memecoin Supercycle

Exploring my deep thoughts on the driving forces and impacts of memecoins

Today, I delve into the concept and theory of the memecoin supercycle, a current phenomenon reshaping the cryptocurrency market and investment trends.

Memecoins, deriving their value from memes, viral content and community engagement, diverge from traditional cryptocurrencies, which are often backed by robust technology and innovative solutions. Memecoins prioritize attention and speculation over utility and functionality.

As this narrative unfolds, I believe it prompts crucial questions about value and investment in the digital age, alongside intriguing philosophical and psychological considerations.

In the following sections, I explore various perspectives and thoughts on the memecoin supercycle, analyzing its current impact, societal implications, potential drawbacks, and philosophical insights.

The Evolution and Appeal of Memecoins

Over time, the internet has become a melting pot of societal interactions, where memes such as Pepe, Wojak and many more have become emblematic of online culture. These memes, originating from forums like 4chan and later spreading to platforms like Reddit and Twitter, signify more than just humorous images, they now reflect the collective consciousness and personalities of online communities.

Memes have evolved beyond mere entertainment to become symbols that convey complex emotions, ideas, and cultural references. The rise of the attention economy, fuelled by social media platforms, has further accelerated the proliferation of memes and their influence on online discourse.

Now, in the digital era of cryptocurrency, we've witnessed the emergence of a novel phenomenon: the tokenization, utility, and opportunity of memes into memecoins.

The memecoins of the cryptocurrency space, up until recently, were still a niche market, with Dogecoin being the far superior memecoin with majority marketshare. However, recently, the appeal of all memecoins as a sector has exponentiated significantly. Where does this appeal come from, why now and why do I believe the theory of the memecoin supercycle?

Memecoin Supercycle?

A supercycle refers to a prolonged period of strong economic growth, leading to sustained demand for assets beyond what can be supplied. In crypto this is has become a meme of itself, in hopes that crypto becomes so in demand we don't go through a prolonged bear market ever again. I believe the memecoin supercycle means memecoins are not a single cycle phenomenon with little traction afterwards, but rather a subset of crypto that turns into its own full blown industry with its own market participants and liquidity.

Memecoins are the purest version of crypto, existing solely on-chain without external dependencies, no additional risks outside of market action, and are backed by the intrinsic belief in their value.

Memecoins are the most democratized crypto.

Memecoins are fun, they are personable, relatable and have a face, whilst other cryptocurrencies don't. When you think of Ethereum, Solana or any DeFi protocol, you think of blockchain infrastructure, you think of a logo, a team, a VC firm. When you think of Pepe, you think of the face of pepe the frog. When you think of Bobo the bear, you think of the many times you've seen Bobo laughing at you on your timeline during a bear market whilst getting liquidated and losing all your life savings... nevermind.

I believe in the viability of a memecoin supercycle because the industry has reached a turning point that will cement memecoins as a distinct subset industry in crypto turning the memecoin asset class into a cross-chain crypto liquidity black hole.

Embodying Collective Culture

Memecoins epitomize the tokenization of collective culture within the decentralized landscape of the crypto space. In this decentralized realm, community holds significant weight, and memes serve as the currency of expression. The evolution of memes reflects the collective consciousness, with icons like Pepe embodying community culture.

Memecoins are derivatives of internet culture.

Memes have transcended traditional branding in terms of recognizability and serve as powerful tools in online marketing and influence. Memecoins, as an extension, inherit this recognizability and embrace a community-driven ethos that resonates profoundly with online audiences. Forget corporate brands, memecoins are reshaping the notion of branding in the digital era, creating a paradigm shift where authenticity and community-driven endeavors take precedence.

Hence, it makes sense that the current online generation resonates far more with holding value in a memecoin, because they place value in memes. Comparatively, for someone terminally immersed in online culture, investing in a business or protocol with no impact or exposure on their daily lives seems far less appealing.

This alignment with internet culture and attention affirms the enduring appeal and value of memecoins. Memecoins have the ability to become cultural currency in our internet economy.

The Natural Market Reflexivity

The failures, disappointments, and outright rugs from previous cryptocurrency projects cast a long shadow over the crypto community's memory, with many individuals experiencing generational financial loss... yeah im talking about you. Promising crypto ventures faltered due to mismanagement, lack of transparency, and teams being outright inadequate and failing to meet expectations. VCs have brutally exploited retail investors as exit liquidity, and even laugh about it on podcasts, eroding trust in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Consequently, crypto investors frequently find themselves on the losing end of speculative investments, prompting market reflexivity, a natural migration towards risk-minimized and fair projects, where memecoins stand out.

Memecoins removed the suits.

Memecoins are usually recognized for their transparent, fair launch, and community-driven nature. They provide a level playing field where community members directly influence project development and decision-making. This equitable environment is vital as it sharpens investment decisions, eliminating concerns like token unlocks and team mismanagement. Leading investors to increasingly prioritize decentralization and "unrugability" of memecoins over more centralized, dependent and opaque models.

Memecoins thus emerge partly as a response to the deficiencies of traditional cryptocurrency ventures, and a broader desire for accountability and fairness within the cryptocurrency space.

Representing Shifts in Societal Norms and Online Behavior

In the broader societal context, there is a growing desperation stemming from the traditional financial system's failure to address societal needs adequately. Economic uncertainties and widening wealth disparities prompt individuals to seek alternative avenues for financial growth and stability. This desperation leads many to adopt an 'all or nothing' mindset in high-risk ventures like casinos, lotteries, and, most recently, cryptocurrency, in a bid to "make it" out the perpetual financial stress imposed by the broken system.

Society has also undergone a significant transformation towards online platforms, with almost every individual and activity migrating to digital spaces. This shift reflects a broader evolution in societal norms and behaviors in which memecoins found a perfect market fit.

Memecoins have become a representation and embodiment of these shifts, offering a unique and equitable gambling/investment platform for everyone. Driven by online culture rather than traditional investment analysis, the current generation now have a chance to outperform and achieve financial freedom.

Memecoins are the gateway drug to crypto.

Memecoins also serve as an unexpectedly optimal gateway for individuals entering financial markets amidst these shifting social norms. The rapid velocity and speed of cycles and actions in memecoins offer a hyper-focused education on market fundamentals and psychology. Things like understanding supply/demand dynamics, liquidity factors, technical analysis, and, more importantly, the nuances of managing and understanding one's emotions while engaging in financial markets. Spending just one year trading memecoins in crypto can provide an experience equivalent to ten years in traditional markets.

I firmly believe this is a net positive feature of memecoins for society, giving them some of the quickest character and mindset building necessary to adapt to the new norms and be onboarded deeper into the crypto space.

Impacts and Implications on the Crypto Market

While memecoins have their positive merits, I believe they also present challenges to the crypto industry which warrant consideration.

One significant challenge is the diversion of capital and attention from legitimate cryptocurrency projects. As memecoins gain popularity, they attract substantial investment and attention, often at the expense of more purposeful projects like DeFi and innovative onchain platforms. This diversion could hinder the development and success of groundbreaking technologies and solutions that could potentially revolutionize many industries. One counterargument to this challenge is natural market reflexivity. If memecoins reach incredible valuations, the allure diminishes, and investors may shift their focus back as the risk-reward balance may favor investing in novel startups within the space with genuine potential for real world value creation.

Furthermore, the focus on memecoins could impact the reputation of the cryptocurrency industry. While memecoins contribute and add to the nature of the crypto space, they also invite speculation and volatility, potentially leading to investor and developer disillusionment and regulatory scrutiny. The association of cryptocurrencies with meme culture may perpetuate the perception of digital assets as speculative and trivial, undermining their credibility as legitimate financial instruments. It may steer away potential developers that would otherwise come to this space for more serious financial applications - which I see much worse than regulatory or political scrutiny.

If memecoins become our biggest export, the space could become a meme.

As memecoins gain popularity, it's crucial for investors and industry stakeholders to remain diligent and maintain core considerations about why we are even here in the crypto space. While not everyone shares the same vision, I personally advocate for preserving the core purpose of fighting for freedom and sovereignty in an increasingly dystopian and surveilled world. While memecoins contribute to this vision, they also entail perceptible risks that require careful management and consideration to ensure the long-term sustainability and integrity of the cryptocurrency market.

Impacts and Implications on Society

Dystopia? Lets pull on that string for a moment. It is fairly nuance examining the societal implications of memecoins at this stage, but I wish to theorize where the memecoin supercycle could potentially lead.

The departure from conventional investment metrics could send society down a nihilistic path where intrinsic value is overshadowed by fleeting trends and internet phenomena. The rise of memecoins signifies a shift towards a culture where substance is replaced by spectacle, and the distinction between productive meaningful investment and speculative profit frenzy becomes blurred.

Memecoin culture could result in financial nihilism.

With memes driving market sentiment and investment decisions, the concept of value becomes subjective and malleable, subject to the whims of online trends and viral sensations. This change challenges the very foundation of economic principles, where investments are typically evaluated on fundamentals that derive from solutions to problems and overall value creation to society.

Furthermore, the proliferation of memecoins perpetuates a culture where pursuing quick gains and short-term thinking take precedence over long-term value creation. In a society increasingly dominated by meme culture, the concept of permanence and stability may erode, giving way to a volatile and unpredictable financial landscape. This could have profound implications for social and economic stability.

In saying this, I believe traditional notions of value and wealth creation being redefined in the digital age is a feature, not a bug, of the democratization of finance by crypto. On a brighter note, I potentially foresee in the future the possibility of leveraging memes for greater societal good. Memes, being inherently community-driven, may evolve into philanthropic public goods of sorts. If a community unites behind a meme with revolutionary intentions, it could potentially yield significant impacts... one could hope.

We won't delve too deeply into the esoteric aspects of memecoins and their potential impact on society's future at this moment. While I do believe they will influence societal direction, there are counterforces, such as market reflexivity, that may mitigate dystopian views.

I think its important to stimulate critical reflection on the nature of value, productivity, and the long-term sustainability of memecoins as they scale.


Surprisingly, jokes on the internet can be analyzed quite deeply. For now, we can conclude that the memecoin supercycle is indeed no meme. It is backed by culture, strong trends and inflection points in societal behaviors and social norms. It will likely become a robust subset of the entire cryptocurrency industry.

Whether for better or worse, it's important to continually revisit key considerations regarding the impact and implications memecoins will have on the larger purpose of our industry and society.

Lets not slip further into financial nihilism but rather democratized freedom & prosperity.

I am excited that the memecoin supercycle presents a significant opportunity to positively impact the lives of many individuals in our society in the years to come.

Memecoins are a superior investment vehicle because there are no moving parts to break. By obviating the entire "product" part of the equation altogether, you eliminate all ceilings to growth. The memes are the product, the product is the marketing, it's the perfect model.

Memecoins aren't just about money but also for something bigger.

Memecoins are a "fuck you" to the broken system and the suits.

Memecoins are ours and for our community and our culture.

Memecoins offer this generation an opportunity to achieve financial freedom.

Memecoins will bring more attention to Ethereum and the fight against a surveilled Orwellian dystopia.

The memecoin supercycle is inevitable.

Steady lads, deploying more memes.


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