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Our Daily Bread

Recreating a deeply relational act online.

Bread is profound, it is intimate, it is spiritual and it is our living wage. As our lives move onchain we are likely heading towards a hyper-market future where every loaf - and every ingredient in that loaf - has a token attached.

Breaking bread together is a deeply relational act. One that is difficult to reproduce through a digital connection, this project/piece is an attempt to do so.

Through a couple of experimental workshops with CoLaborators I have come to the conclusion that it is through sharing moments of our lives that we come close to the intimacy of breaking bread together.

The project is the experience of connecting and sharing, represented (tokenised) by the creation of an art piece that shares moments. Based on this recipe:

CoCreated recipe for Digital Bread:

  1. Bring a picture that you or someone close to you took of bread.

  2. Find someone to talk to about your bread (they will be provided in the workshop conversation).

  3. Share a moment from your life connected to your bread picture. It can be mundane or deeply meaningful, all that matters is that it is truthful (examples below).

  4. Hear what they connected with.

  5. Listen to their bread story.

  6. Tell them something that they said that you connected to in some way.

  7. (Optional) share on Farcaster.

Work in progress output Inspired by a gift that I received through the mail from @arjantupan

Get involved by joining the daily bread conversations this week. Register here:

Wednesday 3:30pm UTC / 11:30am EST

Thursday 9pm UTC / 5pm EST

Bring along a picture of bread that you or someone close to you took.

And follow me and the /cocreated channel on Farcaster for updates.

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