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Two pieces launched exploring the act of creating as the art

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Two pieces were released last week, the first of which pushed my conceptual practice, exploring how social media casts are an artwork in their own right. And the second was a farcaster community piece for the holidays, sharing our experiences in the iconic arch.

Both continue the main themes of my work. That the Act of creating is the art, and that that act nourishes us - particularly when we do it together.

Some Social Media is Art

With this CoCreated piece I am proposing that the act of casting (writing words and publishing them) on a decentralised protocol is a work of art in its own right.

detail from Some Social Media is Art

I believe this work is pretty unusual in the conceptual digital art space if you know anyone who might be interested, I'd appreciate it if you would pass it on.

Farcaster Holidays CoCreated

A piece bringing the community together for the holidays. You can see all the casts that contributed to it here.

detail from the piece which is 8000+px square to maintain resolution on the submissions

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Everyone who is a CoLaborator subscriber gets all CoCreated pieces for free each month, as well as being a Patron of what I'm up to, and a CoLaborator in all we're doing. Take a look, and if you'd like to be part of it, but the ask is a barrier, then do get in touch, I won't let ETH get in the way of meaningful connection and creativity.

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