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Controlling AI for the Common Good: Exploring Responsibility and Trust

Using Common Ground to Navigate the Ethical Implications of Artificial Intelligence

I was out on a bike ride and decided to stop and chat with some fishermen at the docks. The two men were in their early thirties and had young kids at home. They were happy to take a break from their day and talk to me about AI. You can watch my recap here on TikTok.

The first fisherman I spoke to, Bob said that he thought AI was cool but was afraid of where it could go. He agreed that it needed to be controlled, but we had to figure out who would do that. The second fisherman, James said that he had experience working with robots in the medical field and hoped that they would work properly. He said that he didn't know who to trust to control AI, which was a common sentiment among people I have talked to about the subject.

When I mentioned controlling fire, I was referring to the early days when humans discovered how to create fire. It was a powerful tool that could be used for good or bad, so it needed to be controlled. In those days, the decision of who controlled fire was likely made by parents who taught their children how to use it responsibly. They would have learned from experience what worked and what didn't. As a result, fire became a useful tool that helped to improve human life.

The situation with AI is more complicated, as there are multiple options for who should control it. Governments could regulate it, the companies that produce it could be held accountable, and elected or appointed officials could be put in charge of it. The question of who appoints those officials is another consideration. It's a complex issue that requires a lot of thought and discussion.

Bob and James were right to be concerned about the future of AI. It has the potential to revolutionize many areas of life, but it must be done responsibly. We need to have a dialogue about the best way to regulate AI and ensure that it's used for the benefit of all. If you're interested in watching the video it's here on TikTok.

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