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From Nobody to Warpcast Poweruser in 21 Days or Less

Insight into the little purple circle.


If you're struggling to gain traction, I hope this step-by-step plan will help you. I'm not saying following this game plan will 100% get you a Power Badge in 21 days or less because it will require a lot of intentional effort. I'm simply providing some insight into my successes, failures, and what I've learned since degening on Warpcast over the last three weeks. It will require a lot of pointed effort and potential loss of sleep; however, if you're as hooked as I am, this should not seem like work but a lot of fun!

I'm not posting this to brag, but to give back to the awesome warpcast community that has given so much to me. If this helps one person, the mission is a success.

Why I'm Bullish on Warpcast and You Need a Badge

If someone told you there's a gold mine in your hand, all you have to do is show up. That seems like a no-brainer, right?

That's exactly what Warpcast is, and the sooner you figure out how to be successful on the platform, the better.

Step 1: Cover The Basics

Get You A Dope PFP

A true degen will have a stale NFT pfp they can pimp from their wallet. If you don't, go search Open Sea's PFP section or Magic Eden for a cheap one you like. +1 for a Base PFP...

Trippify Your PFP (Optional)

After seeing all of the cool PFPs I saw on Warpcast that were trippy, I thought hey, I like that. How do they do it? Long story short, this can be done in Canva by removing the background and inserting a trippy background.

Yoshi made a good how-to guide on animating your PFP here:

I'm pretty sure Yon pioneered this and I'm all for it, love his stuff..

Name, Bio, and Username

I recommend using your actual first name, it's much easier for people to respond to you. For example, someone tips me, and I say thank you, John. Or I like a cast, so I reply and say, "I don't know, John, I kind of wish I sold low and bought high." This is much easier than saying, "Thank you, ThickBoi3850!" You get the point...

Bio Bros

Add something funny about you in your Bio and tell people what they can expect from you. For example, I added to mine that I'd been around for a while and made it kind of funny plus, I'm telling people not to expect much more than shit posting out of me by saying I specialize in memetics.


Now, this is just a conspiracy, but I'm covering all of my bases. I recommend that if you don't have one, register an ENS and add it to your profile. I didn't know this could be done until about a week ago, but my hunch is that these profiles are seen as more trusted if you're using an ENS handle that matches your connected wallet.

This can be done in the Edit Profile Section, just add a new ENS name:

You can buy an ENS here:

Get Your Degen (Optional)

I personally started off with an allowance so I could tip my friends. For those who aren't aware, you're given a tip allowance if you hold 10,000 Degen. This is optional, but it makes things easier and can fast-track your success. You can buy Degen directly from a Warpcast frame here: (This frame also kicks back some sort of royalty to the person who shared it.)

Over 18 days, I've been tipped 1.5x my original 10k, so if you put in the effort, it can be made back on the next season's airdrop.

A Quick Note on What Not to Do...

  • Do not quote cast with 2 words or emojis

  • Do not ask people to tag their frens

  • Do not spam any low-quality cast or giveaway cast

  • Do not add F4F or Follow your Follow to your Profile

  • Do not reply to casts without being funny or thoughtful

  • Do not reply to casts without recasting or liking

  • Do not post any original cast if you think it won't get any engagement

  • Do not avoid engaging with Power Badge Users (yes, I made this mistake for a while and then felt like I got shadow banned....)

  • Do not beg for tips

  • Do not post only engagement farm tip/giveaway casts

  • Do not be rude

  • Do not cast politics

  • Do not try to be someone you're not

  • Do not be bearish on yourself

  • To be continued...

Step 2: Find Your Fam

Start snooping on people within niches you're interested in. For example, if you like Pokemon, search for Pokemon channels and check out what they're posting and how they're posting it. Take it a step further and visit someone's profile that has a cast in the trending tab of the channel. Check out the other channels they're casting in and if you like the content, start following additional channels. Take note of what does well in each channel and steal it in your own way.

This is coming from Pablo himself...

Step 3: Start Building

Original Casting

Now comes the fun part: It's time to start casting your fishing pole hard and intentionally. I recommend starting with 1-3 high-quality original casts per day. Learn what people like and what people don't like.

Let's take a look at my first cast:

There was no engagement. I thought it was good, but other people didn't. Maybe if it was a PEPE meme, it would've gotten some engagement....

Alright, I'm learning let's change it up a little bit, here's my second cast 3 days later:

I'm bringing back rich history in a time when crypto was having a bad week and people liked it.

The point is to keep trying to master your craft. Figure out what people like, don't like and work hard at it.

Replyooooor Time

This is the most fun part for me because I love finding the perfect reply gif or one-liner. My style is to try to make people laugh with a meme in the replies or say something thoughtful. I'm not saying I'm the best but here are a couple of examples:

Trying to be funny example:

Trying to be thoughtful example:

I'm not the master at this study:

Bonus Reply Guy Tip

Tim (great name), created a frame to help you find powerbadge users that can help you get your power badge. Try out the frame here:

Best Casters to Engage With

Another big point worth mentioning here is you want to focus on engaging with power badge guys and gals who will give you the time of day. This is because the more they replyke your replies the more genuine engagement you'll receive in the eyes of Warpcast and the more likely you'll receive your badge.

Here are a few great people to follow and engage with thoughtfully, bonus points if you can make them laugh (in no particular order):

These beautiful people are essentially the power badge dealers if you will. They're on top of their cast replies and will always show you some love back if it's deserved.

I'd selfishly put myself in this category as well because I'll always show anyone love as long as they're not responding botty.


Be intentional about your engagement. Your goal should be to make the person laugh or get to know them. If you're replying to a power user, do not do any of the what not to do's above, or you'll be flagged as spam and will lose any hope of getting a badge.

I would recommend replying and engaging with power users for the majority of your replies and engaging with nonpower users casts that you're interested in or make you laugh (yes this is common sense).

Your goal with replies should be to build your inner circle, make the other person laugh, and/or get to know them (yes, this should be obvious).

Here are additional tips directly from Warpcast's mouth:

Step 4: Rinse, Repeat, Make Mistakes, Improve

We're all learning, and we all don't know what we're doing. Just make mistakes, start learning what works and what doesn't, and keep doing more of the things that work.

I would keep myself in this category for eternity, I can always be better and do better.

Step 5: Perfect Your Craft

Here's where I finally started to "get it"...

Yes, that is a custom meme. But this still isn't good enough. Have to continue to learn to master the craft, be better, and do better. The perfect mantra...

Here's my prize cast, the holy grail. It took 5-6 hours to create because I was trying to learn how to make frames:

In Summary

  • Post at least one quality original cast per day. This can easily be done in reply guys or memes if you're short on time

  • Each day, go through your favorite channels, click on the recent section, and start replying intentionally to your favorite casts. I'll always engage with casts within the first hour they're posted. To give you an idea, I do this almost every day in 25 different channels. That's a lot of casts, about an average of 85 per day, to be exact.

  • Remember to prioritize intentionally engaging with Powerbadge users. You should do this with the expectation of nothing in return besides them noticing you (and they will). Turn on notifications for the casters mentioned above and have some fun with them.

  • Here's a cheat code: look at this data and find the most active channels, go there:

Step 6: Powerbadge Cabal

Now you've earned your badge and can say you've successfully passed your initiation into the Cabal.


Have fun, don't make this a chore and earn that badge anon.

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