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Challenging myself to write more

Inspired by kbc sharing, she'd write a little every day; I figured I, too should challenge myself to that. 200 words a day don't seem that crazy.

I already write at least three days a week, but it's often work-related and not always fun. Honestly, 87% of it is still interesting, at least, so I'm in luck (things can be very different if you have to write press releases or pitches to journalists)

Pretty sure that writing every weekday also means putting some random shit out there that isn't all that enlightening. Kind of like having a conversation with me after I had a glass of wine. 🍷

Eventually, though, quantity leads to quality, except if you are Mozart, who apparently wrote nearly perfect scores all the time - giving rise to the idea that the score was dictated to him straight by God. And that even though Mozart wasn't nearly as much of a good Christian as Bach. In fact, Margarete Thatcher once got into a huge discussion because she was unable to believe that Mozart, the creator of divine music, was also big on toilet humor.


Mozart Manuscript

I couldn't even write with that little mistake if it was my mother tongue, let alone scores. But the lack of corrections becomes even more apparent if you contrast it with Beethoven, the other well-known Classical composer.

Beethoven Manuscript

Guess he did not get his ideas from God but from a messy human brain.

I can relate to this much more as my thoughts tend to be messy and all over the place—just like Beethoven's flat ( I spare you with the gross details - no wonder Elise didn't want to hang out at his flat)

Image: picture-alliance / akg-images

If you think about it, composers have been trendsetters for working from home. Sure, sometimes they had to appear in front of kings and queens or play in the church, but not all did.

Beethoven famously put his music first, telling the prince that:

What you are, you are by accident of birth; what I am, I am by myself. There are and will be a thousand princes; there is only one Beethoven.

I aspire to have even just 30% of that confidence after putting out my random thoughts for some time. Esp if ever a prince tries to order me around. That'd be a fun story to tell my imaginary grandkids.

And maybe, eventually, there'll be a really good concept I come up with after writing for some time, even more regularly.

Until then, it's probably just things I learned, observed, experienced, or thought to myself.

Of course, I also take prompts if there's any topic you want my take on.

Enjoy the ride.

If you want to listen to some Mozart now, he also did quantity, dishing out over 40 symphonies—I like No. 40.

For some Beethoven can't go wrong with this interpretation of Pathetique by Barenboim. Plus, the comments are hilarious and educational. Now you know how I spend 80% of my time on youtube.

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