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A Year Of Blogs - Issue 52

I never thought this would happen!

This one is a summary of a year of blogging. It's something I never expected to do, yet it is something I am incredibly grateful for doing. The fact that it wraps in to my core beliefs and values in regards to Blockchain Technology, People and Unique End User Ownership make it even better. It's almost like a passion project at times... although it can also be quite draining. I will talk about my learns another time, todays about my feelings and some thoughts as they appear.

The River Tor, looking inland from Barnstable.

It is going to be relatively short today. This week has run away with me, events in this space always do that. On that note, there is still time to support Polygon Alliance with our FCancer 2023 Event, where all proceeds get donated to LetsFCancer. Ask if you want more details or better mint a Rebel Without a Cause.

Accountability first, then blogging I guess. I had the majority of this written by Thursday. When it came to adding some pictures and the last little bit of text on Friday morning my internet wasn't playing ball. I said I would get this finished before Friday evening, I didn't. It is now Saturday. I think this is one of the things that was messing with my head yesterday. I like sending these at the same time every week. It's important to me for a variety of reasons. And self accountability is one of the things that has helped me be a better person. At least from my perspective.

To get to point of this blog, otherwise I will ramble for far too long. I want to talk about how I have felt writing this for the last year. This is is issue 52 after all!

There have been a lot of changes, including some format changes. I really like the current format and a 40% open rate suggests you do too! The learns have been insane and I will go into them in more detail soon. A big part of what I do in this space is share my analytics, data, knowledge, info and opinion, and I want to share what I have learned from my blog.

The feelings have been almost all of the feelings you can have. I was nervous before I started. I thought it would take forever to convert 1% of my Twitter followers, it took substantially less time than that! The next goal is 2%. 390 subscribers, 31700 Twitter followers, I am well on my way and at about 1.25%. This blog can occasionally feel like a chore, only occasionally and sometimes I don't know what to write. There is definitely a pressure, even if it's only internal.

And to touch on that. Committing to doing something regular, like releasing a blog article weekly is a lot. This takes at least 2 hours to put together, often far longer. That includes writing it, editing it, finding images, tweets etc that I like and more. One of the things I work hardest at is making sure I am not too repetitive and getting these to feel conversational. For both you and I.

I think this is what I am sending to anyone that collected Issue 48. As a thank you for supporting me and FCancer.

What have I enjoyed? Almost all of it, including the less desirable aspects mentioned above. It has allowed for a lot of personal growth and has kind of turned into my Web3 Journal. I never expected, or believed I would be this successful with a blog. Some people call it a newsletter. Others want me to write educational articles. I am not sure if you have spent much time getting to know me, but I have a tendency to be single minded, obstinate and stubborn. There will be room for those other things, eventually, and probably on another platform. This will always be a blog.

It fits my brand, ethics, ethos, morals and values. It advocates for personal responsibility in a world where that is all to lacking. Why be responsible for your feelings when you can blame someone else right... This is me, wholeheartedly and unashamedly. I get told I share too much, well it isn't up to them, I don't have to look at that person in the mirror!

If I can encourage people to understand more about themselves and more importantly about how they impact themselves, that's a win. If I have a platform to talk about how to choose how we feel and one person listens, it's worth it. If I can impart values that encourage communication and allow us to understand that others are allowed to think differently than that arguably the biggest win.

Selling out one of my issues on Paragraph was a big moment. I know all the money was donated to FCancer and that drove it, but it was good to know that together we were able to have an impact and contribute an additional 160 $Matic to the cause. Thank you if you collected issue 48. It meant a huge amount to me. I will have something for you soon too, to say thank you.

The best generative art on the blockchain. Fight me. Rebels With A Cause. Mint for 3$ Matic below.

I know this was shorter than usual. Next week is coming with a little rebrand on the cover details (thanks Cynthia). I didn't like today's issue being late, even if it was due to unforeseen circumstances. FCancer has been immense so far, not done yet, and thank you for all of your support. You can mint a middle finger for 3 $Matic on the link above.

I got a few things to sort out over the rest of July, a trip to go on and remain busy in between. I don't think I will be fully back up and running until August. Time will tell. Thank you for staying with me today, and for the last year. I appreciate you a lot. I will catch you soon, until then, have an awesome week!

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