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Newsletter #100

  1. New Degen Game Tease: Degenduels by @snowman10 teased a new pvp game for Degens. Not a ton of info released yet but follow /degenduels or their Alfafrens chat for updates.

  2. L3 DEX Tease: We also got a tease of a new DEX and AMM on Degen L3. @elikai, @ayojoseph and @rhymerover.eth are building the project and plan to launch soon.

  3. Still Questions: While Degen chain is back live, users still have lots of questions regarding the state of some their transactions. There still hasn't been a ton of public information given as the all the involved parties continue to sort through things. Expect some more concrete details and a postmortem to be released by Conduit in the coming days. Reach out to @will to be added to the support groups.

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