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🎩 Daily $DEGEN 🎩

Newsletter #101

  1. Earn $DEGEN by asking or answering questions: Today @degenask was launched by @neelpatel, @flamekaiser and @qimchi. Degen Ask allow users to pay $DEGEN to ask questions to other users. If they question gets answered, other users can go on and spend $DEGEN to see the answer to the question. Visit the website to participate today and follow their channel for updates.

  2. Bridge WETH to Degen: The first end-to-end wrapped ETH bridge for Degen L3 was launched by @starta. Users can bridge ETH/wETH in and they can also bridge back from Degen to Base. Try it today!

  3. $DEGEN -> House: $DEGEN has changed the lives of many community members. @starl3xx.eth posted today that they recently bought a home with the help of $DEGEN earnings/investment.

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