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Newsletter #104

  1. Degen Community Remains Undefeated: Despite a lack of communication by @conduit on the current status of the Degen L3, the community continues to "show up and figure out how to pick up the pieces" - @androidsixteen.eth. @hlau of @starta, @proxystudio.eth of @proxyswap and @purp of /degendao continue to be great stewards of the Degen community and push for communication and transparency. You can see their respective posts about the current status of their projects, the L3 and criticism of the response by Conduit here, here and here. They are worth the read.

  2. Degen Data: Data suggests that amount of casts and amount of casts that mention $DEGEN has a strong correlation with the price of $DEGEN. This cast by @geoffgolberg shows the data well. This tweet by @rchen8 also shows the correlation of price growth of unique token holders.

  3. Degen Grants Continue: Over 143K+ $DEGEN has been giving out to creators from (@tempetechie.eth and team). If you are an artist you can learn more about their grants program by visiting their channel. @peter also announced that the @perl team gave out another 1M $DEGEN to one of their players.

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