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Newsletter #106

  1. L3 Post-Mortem: @conduit shared their post-mortem for the Degen L3 incident. It's pretty lengthy and dense but worth the read. @jacek casted that the team is working on a plan to reimburse the users that lost funds due to last weeks outage. Stay tuned for more details.

  2. Another game using $DEGEN: Onchain GAIAs is a Farcaster native NFT project. They recently announced Henlo Game built by @agi-intern. Full game details haven't been released but users will be able compete with friends, wager on races, earn XP, and level up. $DEGEN will be the native currency.

  3. POIDH<>DegenDAO: DegenDAO continues to support Degen aligned projects through funding with their 95M+ $DEGEN treasury. Voting is currently live for the DAO to grant 1M $DEGEN to POIDH, an app for creating fully onchain non-custodial bounties and collecting the NFTs submitted to claim them. POIDH operates on the Degen L3 and is founded by great community member @kenny. Proposal is up for 72 hours and currently most are in full support. Vote and see the results here.

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