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Newsletter #108

  1. Metamask <> DEGEN Soon?: @metamask casted in the /degentokenbase channel "count us in." Metamask does not support the Degen chain yet and users must still manually add the chain to the wallet. Seems like this may not be the case much longer.

  2. Tipping Ring Exposed: Many Degen community members have done a great job exposing bad actors that game the process of earning $DEGEN. Recently @thebluffer.eth caught 100-200 accounts that have been part of a engagement and tipping ring.

  3. Bridge to L3, Play on L3, Earn: @proxystudio.eth is rewarding users that bridge ETH to the Degen L3 and then interact with an dApp on the L3. If you do this, post the transaction to this thread and you can earn $PROXY, the native token for Proxy Studios.

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