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Newsletter #111

  1. Introducing Raindrops: Easily distribute Degen to comments by putting "Rain XX $DEGEN" in a cast. For every comment that receives a like by the original caster, the amount of $DEGEN will then be evenly distributed (ex. "rain 100 $DEGEN" and 10 comments receive likes by the OP, each user gets 10 $DEGEN." Its a great distribution model and can be used well for projects looking for quality feedback and reward authentic people. Read more about Raindrops here.

  2. Raindrops Cast action: Raindrops requires people to send funds to a designated wallet, so bad actors could use Rain for engagement farming. @wake casted a PSA here. @yes2crypto also casted a bounty for a a cast action to be created. To prevent this @ds8 created a cast action which makes it easy to verify if casters using rain have actually sent funds to the Raindrops address. You can download the cast action here.

  3. Check new tip balance: The new tip algorithm will be launched tomorrow (although may not be effective until Wednesday.) @nikolaiii continues to create great $DEGEN frames, earlier today he released a frame that allows users to see their new allowance. Try it released a frame.

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