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Newsletter #112

  1. Dune Supports Degen L3: Today it was announced that @dune.eth will support data for Degen Chain. It's the first L3 that they will support and opens up lots of opportunities for unique chain insights. Thank you to @rchen8 for making this happen as @jacek acknowledged for playing a big role in getting Degen chain on Dune. See Richard's Degen L3 dashboard here.

  2. Proxy<>WDEGEN Pool: In collaboration with Rivera by @asinha.eth, @proxyswap launched a Proxy<>WDEGEN pool. It's an actively managed liquidity pool "aimed to maximize profits and minimize impermanent loss." APY is currently outrageous.

  3. DEGEN Lootboxes: @skillissuexyz announced they will be offering users the ability to buy loot boxes with $DEGEN. Boxes will be ~$2 and each box owned allows 1 spin of the lootbox. Winnings included NFTs by 11 Farcaster native creators including @seanmundy, @ripe and @bakergracemusic. Mint is open for 7 days. Use this frame to participate.

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