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Newsletter #113

  1. Airdrop 2 Season 4: Today brings us another claim day. While most users likely saw a decrease in their claim, it's still a great day when people get money for posting great content.

  2. $DEGEN Blackjack Round 2: @0xreaper is running back Degen Blackjack after a successful first round. It's free to play, you start with $1000 and can play as many hands as you want until you run out of money. Top 3 on the leaderboard as of 6/2 get 5000 $DEGEN. Play it here.

  3. Nature is Healing: With the new tipping algorithm many folks are happy to see their allowances increased. We could see an increase in tipping again. If you don't like your allowance keep trying to level up organically, farmers won't be rewarded. @bitfloorsghost.eth said "nature it healing".

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