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Newsletter #114

  1. Tip to Earn: @jaadtips aka "just an average degen" is one of the most popular tokens on the Degen L3. They are currently enable tip to earn, where users can tip $DEGEN to @jaadtips and earn $JAAD at the end on the month. It's a great way to use your tip allowance to earn tangible tokens and also support a project building on the L3.

  2. Degen is still young: Today @juli gives us some Degen facts. It's only 5months old yet has it's own L3 with top applications integrated and so much more.

  3. Top Degen Supporter Frame: See who your top tippers are over the last 24-hour and 1-month time frames. Created by @compez.eth with help from open-source data by @farquest. See the frame here.

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