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Newsletter #115

  1. Jacek<>Coop: @coopahtroopa.eth recently hosted @jacek on his @cooprecs podcast. It's a great interview that talks about the history of Degen, $DEGEN tipping, Raindrop feature and much more. Listen to and collect the episode on @pods. The first 666 minters received 125 $DEGEN via @boostxyz.

  2. Million Dollar Clip: As @toadyhawk.eth pointed out, somebody market bought $1M $DEGEN today. You can see the transaction here.

  3. DEGEN = 13th most held token: Data shows that $DEGEN is the 13th most held token in the Ethereum ecosystem with over 448K holders. Not bad for a "memecoin". h/t to @joeblau and @ywc

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