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Newsletter #118

  1. FarFantasy Launch Wednesday: @farfantasy a game that allows you to collect and trade NFTs of people on Warpcast will officially launch on Wednesday at 10am EST. $DEGEN will be the native token for the game.

  2. Memecoin Madness: Tomorrow Round 1 of Memecoin Madness by @swaye begins. Each community lead will create a cast, and which ever community has the most copypastas from the original cast will win. $DEGEN is the 1 seed and will face off against $BLEU. Make your predictions today via this thread. Also follow /swaye-madness for updates and info.

  3. Reminder DAppscout live on Degen L3: View and explore all apps building on the Degen L3 within the @blockscout block explorer. They currently have 17 projects listed.

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