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Newsletter #119

  1. MMORPG built on Farcaster: Powered by /jeeves, a new game will launch in August created by the @degentip team. You can mint an early access NFT for 1000 $DEGEN. The game will allow you to train your character, join teams and fight. Follow the /source channel for updates and info.

  2. Degencast Soon?: Today @wake gave us a preview of Degencast, a channel client created by @liang and team. View the preview here. The preview shows the ability to swap tokens and trade channel shares, NFTs and tokens. You can login today here, add your channel if you are an owner, and start playing with the app.

  3. Tipping Leaderboard: @getmemecaster is another channel specific client that recently launched their web version of the client. Memecaster shows all tipping behavior and has a leaderboard where you can see the people that are tipping the highest amount of $DEGEN and most frequently. View the leaderboard here and try out Memecaster today.

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