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Newsletter #120

  1. OpenRank Explainer: With the new tipping algorithm many users have seen a decrease in their allowance while power users have seen an increase. The new algo is meant to prevent bots from gaming the system. @rjs gave us an OpenRank algorithm explainer. It's still not exactly clear how to boost your score, but if you post more, reply more, like more and real people do the same back to you, your score and tipping allowance will likely go up. It's about authentic engagement.

  2. Drakula 1M $DEGEN: @drakula continues to do nearly 1M $DEGEN (~$25K) in daily volume. Drakula is also approaching the 1 Billion in total $DEGEN (~$25M). @alexmasmej.eth teased a new feature next week.

  3. Liquidity Mining Season 3 Rewards: Tomorrow at 2 PM CEST, @jacek will be dropping the Liquidity Mining Season 3 rewards! If you have been LPing on Uniswap be sure to claim.

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