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Newsletter #122

  1. Degen.eth Subdomains: Powered by @ensvision, Phase 1 of degen.eth subdomains launched. Users will have until Sunday at 11am EST to claim their Warpcast username as a degen.eth subdomain. Phase 2 will be open mint for any name. This was in partnership with @coopatropah.eth, @degen and @jacek. Right now now immediate plans, but lots of fun can occur. Coop posted a great thread here that talks about why subdomains are important. Mint a subdomain in-frame using $DEGEN on the L3 or Base.

  2. Degen Tips Ulitmate FAQ V8: Today @rjs released his latest version of Tips FAQ. The report has 10 sections that covers the basics, how to increase allowance, raindrops, roadmap and much more. Thanks again Ryan for all the work you do.

  3. Curate to Earn: @brykayne, founder of /onshelf, is running a curation contest in his /curate channel. The theme is "BASED BLUE". Make a shelf of your NFTs that represent the theme and Bryan will give $DEGEN to the top 3 most engaged shelves.

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