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Newsletter #124

  1. $DEGEN Tips Filitering: @tanishq is building /intelligent that allows users to filter their replies that contain $DEGEN, giving people more insights into the casts that receive tips. You can see a demo video in this cast. /intelligent is an interesting product that will give users deeper profile insights, and allow them to manage an audience across ecosystems, all at one place. You can get early access and support the project through @tanishq Hypersub here.

  2. Phase 2 of degen.eth Subdomains: The 48hr claim period has passed and anybody can now mint any degen.eth subdomain. You can mint any name directly via @ensvision frame here. More info to come in the future on xxx.degen.eth names!

  3. Degen Designs: The @floc team continues to produce great content for the Degen community and Warpcast community at large. @dsord3r.eth teased some new designs earlier today. Looking forward to see what comes of these!

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