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Newsletter #27

  1. Create with Jeeves: A no code frame builder that will allow for mints to be paid in DEGEN will hit Warpcast this week. Created by @matthewfox and @degentips it will first be available to /degendao and Jeeves holders. The first user of the product, @iamng has already generated over 500K $DEGEN through their widget frame.

  1. 500K $DEGEN paid out: $DEGEN continues to be the best reward system on Warpcast. Recently, @koziak.eth rewarded over 100 users with $DEGEN for participating in a trial of a new product Nectar. Keep an eye out as Nectar plans another test this week and reward with $DEGEN.

  2. More DEGEN merch: Another DEGEN themed t-shirt has hit the market. You can purchase it using $DEGEN. 10% of the proceeds will be rewarded in $DEGEN to a lucky buyer who recasts and comments on this post. Created by @npclabs.

  3. $DEGEN inbound flow: @mleejr created a @dune.eth query to check your daily $DEGEN inbound flow. It's a great tool to see your activity and evaluate which days generated more $DEGEN tips than others.

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