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🎩 Daily $DEGEN 🎩

Newsletter #28

  1. Devs are doing something: Visit to see the new front page of the DEGEN website. Quickly see the price, fully diluted value, transaction and holders.

  2. $DEGEN is the pulse of Farcaster: This cast is from two days ago but very relevant. The data by @0xluo.eth shows that the price of $DEGEN is correlated with the total amount of casts on Farcaster. Fascinating insights that are easily found due to the protocol being sufficiently decentralized.

  3. Aerodrome $DEGEN: @jacek had announced this last week, but Aerodrome officially announced the launch of their DEGEN-WETH pool. This enables contributions towards voting incentives and liquidity, offering the Farcaster community an opportunity to support a homegrown project.

  4. LottoPGF $DEGEN Bounties: The team that brought us Powerbald, the daily $DEGEN lottery is launched 11 bounties. 150K $DEGEN (~$350) to the best Dune dashboard and 10K $DEGEN (~$25) to the ten best $DEGEN art / memes.

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