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Newsletter #29

  1. Portfolio manager integration: There were two $DEGEN integrations this week that allow users to see if they qualify for the $DEGEN airdrop. Bankless and Rotki both added $DEGEN. Bankless has a claimables tool which allows you to discover if you have unclaimed airdrops. Their app also allows you to easily see their content, hunt for airdrops and more. Rotki is an open source portfolio tracker, accounting and analytics tool that protects your privacy.

  2. $DEGEN Haiku Contest: @RenStern ran a Haiku contest in which the writer with the most liked Haiku cast won 9500 $DEGEN. The contest had 30+ submissions with @emush as the winner.

  3. @antimofm.eth launched Degencast, a channel on Unlonely. He recently chatted with @jacek and @wake. If you missed the interview you can watch here. There is some great alpha in here for people paying attention. Be on the lookout for more conversations between Jacek and Antimo.

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