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🎩 Daily $DEGEN 🎩

Newsletter #30

  1. $DEGEN and Perl unite: $DEGEN has given a 10M $DEGEN ($24K) grant to Perl. This will allow Perl, one of the most played games on Warpcast to continue to distribute $DEGEN to a wide spread of users.

  2. $DEGEN L3: If you have been paying attention, this has been discussed numerous times as a great idea for the $DEGEN ecosystem. It is now official as "The Degen L3 chain is coming soon!" was added to This unlock unlimited possibilities for $DEGEN. Most of the community already understood this, but $DEGEN is much more than a "meme token".

  3. Based Ventures Investment: Based Ventures is a DAO to collect "the most important pieces of of base culture" announced they purchased 1.6M $DEGEN ($3,546). Another collective showing their commitment to $DEGEN. You can mint the acquisition here.

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