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Newsletter #33

  1. Trade $DEGEN in Frame: Enter any amount of ETH you want to swap for $DEGEN and trade in Frame. We have two versions of swaps in frames. One by @iamng and another by @greg. Its a great tool to share with friends that want to buy $DEGEN but aren't cryptonative.

  2. Updated Tokenomics page: The tokenomics page on has been updated. It has all the details for token distribution and circulating supply. One of the things that stands out is that of the 60% of the token that is to be airdropped, only 32% of that is circulating. There is also still 16% more to tokens to be dropped in Airdrop #2 as Season 1 was just 3.95%.

  3. Unknown Accumulators: A few community members have noticed large wallets buying up $DEGEN. One wallet is a multisig that has accumulated over $500K worth of $DEGEN. Another wallet that has over $16M cash in their wallet has been buying $DEGEN. It's more than a memecoin. Thanks to @0xpotus for highlighting.

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