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🎩 Daily $DEGEN 🎩

Newsletter #40

  1. Degen Music: We get our first $DEGEN themed song as @pochisempere drops a OAGMI / ODEGEN. Continue to be impressed by the talents of the Degen community. You can mint the song for free on /Soundxyz here.

  2. Increase Drakula Grant: The Degen team has awarded @drakula an additional 10M in $DEGEN. Drakula has been a big reason for getting $DEGEN into the hands of new users. The grant program by the team continues to be a productive use of funds, encouraging teams to grow their community with $DEGEN.

  3. Degen Mint: Another free mint by @agrimony. If you hold 10K $DEGEN you can mint a free de(generative) Tophat via @highlight. Max 5 mints per wallet.

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