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🎩 Daily $DEGEN 🎩

Newsletter #45

  1. $DEGEN <> Rounds.WTF: In collaboration with 300K $DEGEN (~$2,400) will be distributed to users that receive likes from Farcaster accounts with a top 500 tip allowance. Rounds are how communities award people onchain.

  2. $DEGEN Theme song: We recently had a $DEGEN themed song on by @pochisempre. Today we get another banger by @toadyhawk.eth. Posted on Drakula, Toady hits us "Degen Generation" with a $DEGEN theme song.

  3. $DEGEN Hypersub: Last week @felirami provided the community with a great frame that gives users information on $DEGEN. This week he launched a $DEGEN hypersub with /fabric that will allow him to continue to provide quality content for the $DEGEN community. Learn more here.

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