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Newsletter #54

  1. Frame Swap: $DEGEN Frame Swap by @stephancil. It's the easiest way to share and invest in tokens right in your feed. You can enter an amount or buy easy with 3 clicks. Today it was updated with dynamic pricing.

  2. Collaborative $DEGEN NFT Collection: A few weeks ago @edit made a cast asking people to share a prompt for a Degen themed picture. He launched those prompts into a NFT collection made by the community. It's currently minting with half of the proceeds going to the /degendao wallet.

  3. The $DEGEN Archives: One of the most impressive things about the Degen community is the content that people continue to put out. We recently got another comprehensive overview the folklore of $DEGEN by @k41r0n. It explains the token from inception to date with data, contract info, and explainers for everything Degen.

  4. Few thoughts on Tipping: As $DEGEN continues to grow in popularity you are starting to see "influencers come to steal your ranks and well deserved tips." Well said by @trebor69 in this cast. As @priyanka acknowledged in this cast, lots of engagement farming. Put simply by @trebor69 and @priyanka: be genuine and mindful in your tips and engagement and the community will continue to grow in a healthy and mature way.

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