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Newsletter #59

  1. $DEGEN Podcasts Episodes: This week @jacek was featured on multiple podcasts. First he was hosted by @anil for The Delphi Podcast. Today he was on the Bankless podcast. In the episodes the @syndicate team (@will and @iandaos) joined him.

  2. Trade $DEGEN with leverage: Yesterday @hookprotocol went live with Degen perps on Hook Odyssey. There is a commemorative NFT that lets you start trading today. You can mint it here. They are giving away the mint royalties to the person who trades the most $DEGEN in the first day.

  3. Long or Short $DEGEN: You can now long or short $DEGEN through Ajna Finance and Summer Finance. @seanwbren lent 1M $DEGEN making it possible.

  4. Capture the Hat: Launched by @maximonee, Capture the Hat is an onchain game with a 100,000 $DEGEN prize pool (thanks to Maximonee and @wake). It's a game of capturing an NFT where the last person to capture it wins an NFT and share of the prize pool. The game will last for 6 more days. Visit Maximonee's profile to learn more about the game.

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