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Newsletter #60

  1. Tipping Actions: Yesterday the Farcaster team launched cast actions. We quickly saw a handful of people build actions that make it easy to tip. @markcarey's action allows you to check $DEGEN stats, count $DEGEN tips or tip onchain. View Mark's actions here. @robrecht, who built @paybot, allows you to tip 50 $DEGEN onchain with a simple click. Install Rob's action here. Finally, @jtgi launched Paperboy, which is an action that allows you to put a percentage or fixed amount of your daily tips and tip in one click. Here is a video of him walking through Paperboy.

  2. Another Degen chain Exchange: @degenxechange enters the mix and went live with their Degen chain native exchange today. You can visit this post here to learn more details and get their links.

  3. Degen Stats Update: Degen currently has 126,000 holders. The chain has a TVL of ~45M. While Degen bridging volume was high in the first week, we have seen a pretty steady decline with an average of $1.3M bridged over the last 3 days (also reflected by $DEGEN price being down from ATH). Daily tips volume and amount of $DEGEN tippers continues to remain at ATH levels. Thanks to @rchen8 for his $DEGEN dune dashboard.

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