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Newsletter #61

  1. $DEGEN Allowance and Tipping Info: @rjs did a deep dive on the tipping mechanism and allowance formula. He also did a really great infographic that you can view here and see below.

  2. Projects tease launch: This week should be full of new $DEGEN projects and integrations as several have already teased launches. @onrekt, @highlight, @rugai and more have told users to expect a Degen chain launch soon. Should be an exciting week.

  3. Degen flag on Mt Kilimanjaro: The legend @aleph recently flew to Kenya to take a picture with a goat (read more about that here). He announced today that he will be making the 7 day trip to the highest point on Mt Kilimanjaro (19,000 ft peak) to plant a $DEGEN and GOAT flag.

  4. $DEGEN as client currency: A few days ago @jam launched their beta for users. You can download the mobile app here. They are using $DEGEN as the main in-app currency. You can learn more about Jam by viewing this frame.

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