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Newsletter #65

  1. Drakula teases more Degen: Yesterday @alexmasmej.eth casted that something is coming for Drakula enjoyers with an image of Degen's in tophats looking at a gift. He also hinted at something with Degen L3. More on this soon.

  2. Degen Markets: Two markets to bet with Degen have been announced. The first is /degen-steaks by @hellno.eth which launched. Allowing users to stake $DEGEN to earn rewards. Use this frame to bet on markets to earn rewards on your $DEGEN if you predict correctly. @onrekt by @kopievskii and team launches tomorrow and will allow you to use $DEGEM for wagers and predictions.

  3. Degen Ecosytem List: With a ton of new projects building on Degen chain and using $DEGEN, we can't have enough ecosystem lists. Today we get a graphic from @aditak, @kunalvg and @pratik. They also launched /degenverse a channel for learning about the Degen ecosystem.

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