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Newsletter #67

  1. Degentlemen PFP Reveal: The 10K PFP project by @blackstock and @chuckstock were revealed yesterday. Degentlemen are inspired by 1960s comics and pays homage to Degens. They have three style attributes of "street," "comic," or "vintage," that create different variations. The NFT also gives you access to the Degentlemen Club. You can buy on secondary here or join their /degentlemen channel.

  2. Tipping allowance and Points Down: Tipping allowance and points continue to not processing correctly. This is a problem the is consistent across all users. Jacek and the team are hard at work sorting out the problem and follow his profile for any updates.

  3. The weekends are for building: @mcbain teased that he is building the biggest game for Degen. Follow him or DM for early access and be prepared for a launch early next week.

  4. Today's Vibe: Brought to us by @ch0p "Keep Calm and Degen On"

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