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🎩 Daily $DEGEN 🎩

Newsletter #69

  1. $DEGEN Frames: Today we get $DEGEN frames by @mohammad98 and @agadoo. Mohammad's is a frame that tells you who your biggest tippers are in the last few days. Agadoo's frame tells you how much gas fees you have spent on Degen chain.

  2. Degen<>Seamless: @seamless protocol is the first decentralized, native lending and borrowing protocol on Base. Today they announced a new grants program in partnership with Degen. They will also be opening a new lending/borrowing market with Degen soon.

  3. SwapBot: There are a handful of options for in-frame swapping. Today we get another with @swapbot that allows you to swap $DEGEN and other Farcaster native tokens in frame. Launched by @robrecht and @richardsun, one of Swapbot's key factors is that if you share the frame, you earn 50% of trading fees from swaps in your frame.

  4. Tip Allowance simulation: Lots of questions around tipping and allowances. We get a really great google sheet by @mrrevix.eth that explains the calculations and lets users run a simulation to get idea of their allowance.

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