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Newsletter #71

  1. Updated: @jacek and team updated to include your wallet token balance. They also added a buy button allowing users to buy directly from the website. You can buy with tokens held in your connected wallet, via a brokerage and exchange, debit card or credit card. This video by @ace shows how easy it is to buy.

  2. Degen API's by Airstack: @airstack has been one of the top teams supporting the Degen ecosystem. Today they launched API's for builders allowing them to tap into the degen token balances, all token holders, a query for Degen chain using AI and more. You can find the docs, APIs and a great demo on this cast by @betashop.eth.

  3. Degen TPS growing: Data on shows that Degen chain currently has the second highest transaction per second (TPS) when compared to all other EVM Layer 2's. TPS is up over 12% in the last 7days and continues to grow. It's pretty crazy to see this with such a new chain that still has some much room to grow with new applications being built every day.

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